At first, let’s start with a simple fact here – I absolutely love doing a couple shoot in Palm Springs in California! This place is magical and I feel like I’ll never have enough of it. The views, the vibe, the culture, it just draws you in from the moment you see the windmills over while driving on the highway.

Except that you know what they say – “the place is only good as the people in it” – well… if we add that on top of it all, you have a quite a fantastic mixture! And that’s what it was this time precisely. Morgan & CJ whom I had a pleasure to photograph, are the BEST! And that’s said in a huge shortcut. They’re each very warm, positive and driven human beings and together, with their genuine love for each other and all good forces combined, they create a magic duo – you want to be around them. It’s electrifying!

One day, quite spontaneously, we scheduled a little road trip to Palm Springs for some killer photos because…. they GOT ENGAGED.  We hit the “Desert X” contemporary art exhibition and more exactly the “Mirage” by Doug Aitken (that cool mirror glass house you’re about to see) and the typical Palm Spring landscape – the windmills.

This day is definitely marked as fun & productive in our calendars. Had a visual trip by walking in an all glass-building, ran around the desert left and right at sunset with cool people, had this “on the road” mindset the entire time, and as befits the real road trip, stopped for a fast food on the way back.

And all that in just couple of hours!