Exciting news my friends! I finally photographed my first mini maternity photoshoot! I’m happy to be sharing some of the images from this session and would love to hear your thoughts.

This year has definitely put a huge emotional and/or financial bruise on all of us due to Coronavirus pandemic. What we should remember though is that even in the darkest moments of our lives,  when one (or many) doors are closing, there’s always at least one, that opens up. And it usually brings something new and unexpected. In my case, I had a chance to spend more time at home with family and later with closest friends back in Warsaw, Poland. This truly made a huge difference in my life and my photography in many ways. For example: it allowed me to approach photography from a different side and try something new – maternity sessions. It was an interesting experience that helped me expand my horizons. I was surprised how enjoyable this process was and how easy I found myself in something I never thought of pursuing before.

One of the friends I had a chance to spend time with this year was Kasia – whom I know for almost my entire life. She was so awesome and brave enough to let me experiment and photograph her while being 8 months pregnant! I can’t praise this girl enough and fully comprehend where she takes her strength from. Raising one bad-ass 5-year-old girl while expecting her baby boy, she was still willing to jump on board of my visions and get creative. Thank you lady!

For a start, we decided to play domestically and do a little morning bathtub session to “test the waters” 😉 The entire shoot took us only about 30 minutes, and I must say, I’m in owe of the images we got! It was quick, it was fun and so fruitful with beautiful photos. I’m happy to add this option from now on to my photo services. Truly can’t wait to photograph more mamas-to-be! But ok, without further ado…

here’re the effects of my first mini maternity photoshoot!






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