In-home + Golden Hour Session in Malibu

Here is an outtake from my recent couple shoot in Malibu, California with my friends – Ishaan and Bre. It was a real treat to meet and photograph these two. Ishaan is a super talented singer and a songwriter as well as a founder of Malibu West Media & Bre is a lovely, Aussie actress and a model based in LA. It all started when I connected with Ishaan over an instagram a while back, and later on did a couple shoot with him & Bre at their house in Thousand Oaks, CA and out in the wilderness of the Malibu canyons.

As per usual in Southern California, it was a pretty hot and sunny day so there was sweat, there were breaks and multiple rushes from running around harsh meadows, but it was all worth it, because minding all the small, irrelevant now, inconveniences, we got what we wanted – beautiful shots & what’s more, we HAD FUN all day doing it! They gave me the best kitchen appliances concert anyone has ever given anyone, I witnessed with my ears Ishaan’s musical talent, we chatted about music, film and photography world¬†during our little road trip through the canyons, and if it goes for pictures – we caught some in-house fun, intimate shots and those golden hour, outdoor portraits.

I can only wish for more 3-people dates like this //